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1. Welcome to First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas. We are so glad that you have joined us today for worship. If you're visiting for the first time, please take a moment to fill out one of our communication cards. We would love to connect with you.

2.We will be starting a new Sunday School study through Psalm 119 using the Right Now Media resource beginning next Sunday (1/21). Our English Sunday School meets in the back room of the Gymnasium from 9:45a–10:45a and is open to anyone who is interested. More information about our Spring Sunday School term can be found in the handout.

3. Cantonese small group enrollment starts now. Please see small group description on bulletin board and enroll on line New groups will start in February. For any questions, please contact Nathan Wu.

4.The 2017 tithes and offerings receipt is available, please get with Andy Lau in the gym for your copy during lunch.  Thank you for your love and supports.

5. Thank you for the love of the church families, we have collected total $4512 for Lottie Moon Fund, check will be sent this week.




2. 新的一年廣東小組聚會開始報名,廣東各小組簡介已經公佈在公告欄上,並可上網接受報名新的廣東小組將在二月份開始聚會。如有任何問題請查詢吳友萱弟兄。

3. 2017年奉獻收據已經準備好了,午餐時在體育館內請向教會司劉宏業弟兄索取。謝謝大家的愛心支持。

 4. 讚美主!教會今年慕拉第宣教奉獻共得$4,512.-所收到的奉獻將於下週寄出,全數支持美南浸信聯會國際差傳部差派在全球的宣教士及其一切宣教事工


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First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas

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