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1. Welcome to First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas. We are so glad that you have joined us today for worship. If you're visiting for the first time, please fill out one of our communication cards. We would love to connect with you.

2. Membership Class - Whether you would like to join the church or just interested in discovering what we are about, join our upcoming membership class!  Please sign up with Pastor Voltaire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

3. 2019 tithes donation receipt will be available to pick up this Sunday 1/19 and 1/26 during lunch time outside the kitchen.  Thank you!

4. Summer Mission opportunity - Would you like a meaningful summer by serving the Native Americans in Arizona? Join YSMP this Summer from July 10th to 18th! More details to come or contact Pastor Paul if you have any questions.


1. 2019年十一奉獻收據於1/19, 1/26午餐时在廚房外面領取。謝謝大家的愛心支持!

2. 2020年国语春节联欢会安排在1月25日礼拜六。时间是晚上6:00-8:30。餐费是每人5元,10岁以下孩子免费。欢迎大家邀请慕道的朋友来参加。有參加小組的向組長報名和繳費。沒有參加小組的可以向黃茜姐妹報名和繳費。

3. 2020年粤语小组春节联欢会安排在2月1日礼拜六晚上6:30。餐费是每人3元,6岁以下孩子免费。请向组长报名购票数量。

4. 夏季短宣機會:您是否想通過服務亞利桑那州的美洲原住民來度過一個有意義的夏季?加入今年夏天7/10-7/18 YSMP! 如有任何問題,請聯繫Pastor Paul。



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