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1.Welcome to First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas. We are so glad that you have joined us today for worship. If you're visiting for the first time, please take a moment to fill out one of our communication cards. We would love to connect with you.

2. We will be having our College & Career Fellowship this Friday 5/26 at 7:30p in the Education Building. Be sure to join us this Friday night.

3. If you are new or have been visiting us for the past couple of months, we would like to invite you to our next Newcomer's Meet and Greet today right after the worship service. This is a great opportunity to meet Pastor Andrew and ask any questions about the English Ministry or the church as a whole. We will be meeting in the room towards the back of the gym. We look forward to seeing you there.

4. The Mission Committee has collected 22 pledge cards for the 2017 Mission Fund totaling $28,486.  You can still submit yours to the

     church office or put in the offering box, copies of the pledge cards will be available on the welcome table. You can also pledge online at:

5. FCBCD High School Graduation Banquet will be on Sat., June 10, 10:30am~2:00pm, at Eldorado Country Club (2604 Country Club Drive, McKinney, TX 75070). Cost: $27. Please register by May 28 with a youth staff, checks should be made payable to FCBCD, with Graduation Banquet on the memo line. The graduates are Brian Kirstein, Matthew Li, Christopher Wong, Tiffany Xiao and Grace Zheng. 

6. It is with great reluctance to announce the resignation of our    church secretary,  Mrs. Shelley Chao effective May 31st, 2017.  We understand this is a family decision due to a family situation.  We praise God for her dedication and years of service to FCBCD and we are all incredibly grateful for her love. We appreciate you and we will miss you, Shelley!
We are thankful that Emily Wang will temporary help out during this transition time.

7. Congregational Meeting is at 1:15p in the sanctuary today. 




3.6/10 星期六10:30am – 2:00pmEldorado Country Club, 2604 Country Club Drive, McKinney, TX 75070 舉辦高中畢業生餐會,餐會票價每人$27元,有意參加者請5/28之前向青少年同工報名,支票抬頭為FCBCD請在支票上註明“畢業餐會”。今年教會高中畢業生有Brian KirsteinMatthew LiChristopher WongTiffany XiaoGrace Zheng

4. 宣教委員會目前共收到2017年認獻卡22張,共計$28,486我們望弟兄姊妹們能繼續為宣教認獻代禱,期望能有更多的認獻來成就神的宣教事工。尚未繳交認獻卡的弟兄姊妹仍然可以交到辦公室或放入奉獻箱中在歡迎桌上放有認獻表格,歡迎索取

5. 20176-8生命成長班,主日9:30-10:45AM,我們會有以下的學習班 --




6. 我們很惋惜的宣,教會祕書盧怡君姐妹已申請辭職,將於5/31/2017生效。我們了解這是面對家庭特殊情況所做的決定。為了她多年來在教會的服事,我們感謝神。我們謝謝也懷念她。在這過渡期間,王馨悅姐妹將暫時在教會辦公室代理祕書工作。


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