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What is the goal of Community Groups?
To create a predictable small group environment where participants experience authentic community and spiritual growth

We believe that true and sustained life change happens best in the context of a structured relationship. Out of rows and into circles. And the best expression of these relationships is found in the small group ministry.

Community Groups are where real life and real issues are discussed and shared. It’s a safe environment where we celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another during the tough and disappointing times. It’s also a place to be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

In Community Groups, we focus on three crucial areas to help facilitate and build Authentic Community:

  • Accountability: It's inviting other people to challenge you in your priorities and relationships. These relationships obviously include your relationship with Jesus Christ, but also includes those relationships with other believers and even unbelievers.
  • Belonging: A person who has a sense of belonging is someone who feels accepted, connected, and comfortable with a group of people. This sense of connection is more important than ever because we live in a culture that is prioritizing belonging before believing. People need to know that they matter and that they’ll be missed if they don’t show up.
  • Care: A by-product of people connecting well is that they care for each other. You don’t need programs or need to plan for this…people care for people they know well. This means that we are carrying each other’s burdens and personally praying for one another during difficult times.

What to Expect

Groups will be meeting for at least 3-4 weeks out of the month. We believe that consistency is one of the key ingredients necessary to help build intimacy among group members. This is why we want groups to meet as regularly as possible each month.

Newcomers and guests will always be welcome to visit a group on the first week of every month. Consider it sort of like an Open House. We understand that some people may want check things out before committing to a Community Group. This is also a great way for friends and visitors to get a small taste of what group life is like.

We will also be planning various activities and service opportunities once a month or once every other month throughout the year for our English Ministry. These gatherings are great opportunities for our newcomers and guests to connect with other members and serve our community. These events will be announced during the year.

If you have any questions, email David Clothier at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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