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在兩小時的團契聚會當中,我們一同查經,見証分享,康樂活動或請特別講員到我們當中使我們在屬靈上有更多的長進,並且在耶穌基督裡得著豐盛的生命。 同時我們在每一季也舉辦戶外活動,使年長者有歡樂的聚會時光。


語言: 國語, 粵語 及英語
地點 達城第一華人浸信會
日期: 達城第一華人浸信會9:30到中午12:30
聯絡人: 陳其彬, 周麗生
電話: 972-931-5500
活動 詩歌讚美, 禱告, 查經, 康樂活動, 特別講員, 及戶外活動。


GRACE FELLOWSHIP was created to glorify God by providing spiritual fellowship, with particular focus and care to persons over 50 years of age. Our group meets regularly to share God's love, providing care and support to one another.

?Each two-hour session includes Bible study, personal sharing, activity or a presentation by a guest speaker for the spiritual growth of our members, leading to a rich and abundant life through our savior, Jesus Christ.

In addition, we also schedule outdoor activity on a quarterly basis for fun & fellowship.

Your participation is most welcome. Transportation can be provided if required.

Language: Mandarin & Cantonese
Location: First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas
Schedule: Tuesdays from 9:30a – 12:30p
Contact: Phil Chen & Lily Chang
Telephone: 972-931-5500
Activities: Praise, prayer, Bible study, guest speakers, personal sharing/testimony, and indoor/outdoor activities

First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas

17817 Hillcrest Rd. Dallas, TX 75252
Tel: 972.931.5500  Email:


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