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April 2018

I started going on mission trips when I was young, and have been blessed by God to travel many places for mission work; Houston, New Orleans, Beaumont, Laredo, Mexico, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Each trip was unique, and revealed more to me about who God is, and the plan that he has to reach every person. We as Christians are charged to make disciples of every nation, teaching people to obey the commands of Christ. This is such a daunting task and many of us do not know where to begin.

Recently, on a trip to Ethiopia, God reaffirmed in me something I have been thinking about for a while, the local church should reach the local people. This was the first trip I had been on where the team did not present the gospel. At first, I thought it was weird and that it took away value from what we were doing. But then I realized the reason we didn’t present the Gospel was to let the local church use us as a way to gain access to a village that the church did not have access to before. God simply used our medical team as a doorway for the local church to enter through, we were plowing a field for the local church to come in behind and sow seeds. It’s funny how God can take you half way around the world to teach you that you need to serve more in your own community. What is community then? One could say there are only two communities, the Church and Not the Church. Missions goal is to reach the not church community, that means here, in Dallas, and outward. Where have you been placed, who is in your area of influence, and how can you reach out to those people?

This year the theme for missions is “Engage,” I challenge you engage those you see daily; at work, at school, or at home. Share the amazing news the Christ, the living son of God; came to earth, died on the cross, and rose again from the grave in order that anyone who believes might have life, a life set free from the bondage that separation from God creates. Jesus bridges that gap.

Missions is so often spoken of as something for those who are “called,” but the reality is that missions is simply an overflow of Sunday into the everyday.

“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Jonathan Spencer Hill – Missions Committee



我從很年輕的時候就開始參加短宣,神也很恩待我,讓我去過 很多地方宣教;如休士頓,紐奧爾良,博蒙特,拉雷多,墨西哥, 坦尚尼亞和衣索匹亞。每一次旅程都有其獨特的地方。也從不同層 面帶領我去更認識神,和 神祂自己尋找每一個靈魂的計劃。我們 基督徒領受了大使命要去使萬民做神的門徒並遵守一切神所吩咐的。 而這樣一個看似大且困難的工作,我們許多人都不知道應該從何處 著手。

最近在去衣索匹亞宣教的路上,神給了我一個我曾經思考許久 的問題的答案,本地的教會應該負起向本地傳福音的責任。這次的 宣教旅程是我第一次經驗到短宣隊本身其實沒有宣講福音的行程和 內容安排。起初我很納悶、認為這完全失去了短宣的意義。但是後 來我了解到我們的目標是要讓本地的教會去作福音的工作。我們的 工作只是替本地教會打開一些原本無法接觸的村莊的入口。神用我 們醫療隊做為一個開門的工具讓本地教會的同工可以進入這個村莊。 我們算是做翻土的工作,而他們可以接著去撒種。神做事真的很奇 妙,祂把我帶到半個地球之外的地方來使我了解應該多關心本地社 區的宣教工作。社區的定義是什麼?我們可以說只有二種社區,一 個有是教會生活的社區,另一個是沒有教會生活的社區。宣教的目 的是把福音帶入沒有教會的社區,由達拉斯而向外。你的社區在那 裡?你的影響力在那裡?你如何做你的福音工作呢?

今年宣教的主題是"投入". 我挑戰大家在每日的生活、工作、學 校、或是家中,去分享我們那又真又活--神的兒子的福音。祂降生 為人,死在十字架上,又從死裏復活,為要使信祂的人有永生,一 個不再與神隔絕的生命。因為耶穌成了我們與神和好的橋樑。

"宣教"常常被視為是一個特別的事情。但那應該是很簡單的, 只要我們把星期日應該做的事延續充滿到這星期的每一天中就行了。

“...你們當求莊稼的主打發工人出去收他的莊稼。” 馬太福音 9:38

Jonathan Spencer Hill – 宣教委員會


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