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Sunday Worship  
English Worship 11:00am (Gymnasium)
Children's Worship (K - 5th) 11:00am (Education Building)
Chinese Worship 11:00am (Main Sanctuary)
Sunday School  
English Adult 9:30am (Education Building)
Chinese Adult 9:30am (Gymnasium & Education Building)
Youth (6th-12th) 9:30am (Gymnasium)
Children 9:30am (Education Building)
Joy Fellowship 9:45am Tuesdays
Grace Fellowship 9:45am Tuesdays
Children's Fellowship 7:30pm Fridays
Cantonese Fellowship 7:30pm Fridays
Mandarin Fellowship 7:30pm Fridays
Youth Fellowship 7:30pm Fridays
College & Career Fellowship 7:30pm Fridays

  禮拜日上午9時30分 - 國語、粵語、英語、青少年、兒童


  英語崇拜﹕ 上午十一

  中文崇拜﹕ 上午十一時

  兒童崇拜﹕ 上午十一

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